I will first explain both in brief and then will show a simple example where I am streaming tweets in real time using Kafka into ElasticSearch using Logstash.


I recently started working with Apache Kafka and I can’t get enough of it, It’s a wonderful tool when you want to stream events in real time or have an application that has different components that emit and consume data from one another. Let me explain both these in a little detail.

  1. Why is data streaming important?
    In today’s day and age where huge amounts of data flow everyday, you need technologies to…

Thinking of switching your career into Data Science and have no idea where to start, what to learn, what is important? If you have any (literally, any) knowledge of python, trust me first stepping stone is to get familiar with the python library called NumPy.


NumPy is considered to be a fundamental package for all scientific computing in python. It is used for working with arrays — single & multi-dimensional, It also contains functions for mathematical computations such as linear algebra, matrices, etc.

When you are dealing with data, most of the time you are dealing with arrays. For Software…

Have you ever ran through terms like bash scripting, shell programming, bash file, shebang, or ever heard anyone talking about how to write code in bash, is it even a programming language? Or saw files with that weird .sh extension and never bothered looking into them? You know those are important, but how, and how to use them? Let’s try to dig in and understand what the heck is it all and how to actually make use out of it!

A brief intro to Shell Scripting

What is a script?

A script is a command-line program that contains a series of commands and those commands are executed one after the…

The definition and diagrams of Heap can be overwhelming at first glance, but trust me they are nothing but a hybrid form of a normal array. With years of computing experiments, computer scientists have created different forms of structures to store the data which, in a given situation, can prove to be efficient for playing around with that data, Heap is one of those.

Before any further explanation, Have a look at these two diagrams:

Data structures are considered as the core for each program that you write as a software developer, and they are the major part of every technical interview you give. In this article, we will talk about the most asked Data Structure, Linked List, Its speed comparison with normal Array, and creating your own custom linked list for a better understanding of its working.

Some Background check: Let’s talk about what is it, and where does it perform better than a normal array.

To answer that we must know how does it look like, A linked list is very similar to…

Every new programmer after starting their journey stumbles upon some points and one such is Promises.

Let me give you some intro, You must know why to use them in the first place!

JavaScript is a single-threaded language unlike Java or other multithreaded ones. What it means is that there is a single thread looping over, looking for what piece of code to execute. This thread runs all the code step by step as its written, line by line till the end and goes to rest. This all goes great until the code you wrote is synchronous! What the heck is that you may ask, Well, the code that executes without any delay, right at that moment…

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